Got Talent? The magician’s audition

2020 was quite a tough one – many of us were shook to the core as the global pandemic locked us in our homes and limited our time with other people. On the positive side, the Coronavirus self-isolation tactics gave all the creative folk out there more downtime to hone in on their talents and skills. And luckily for Malta, the Got Talent production sparked excitement and determination for those eager to audition. Yes ladies and gents, that’s Malta’s Got Talent – the perfect escape in this year’s chaos! 

Gwilym Bugeja from OMG Magic decided to showcase his skills on the big stage; where the 4 judges; Howard Keith Debono, Ray Attard, Maxine Aquilina and Sarah Zerafa watched the spectacle happen right before their very eyes. This Simon Cowell franchise delivers a certain level of quality and entertainment to its audience and Malta was not forgotten in the global talent pool – Gwilym’s performance brought skill, technique and laughter to the, sadly, audience-less arena. While audience members were not welcome during the performance, due to Covid-19 restrictions, presenter Gordon Bonello watched in anticipation, as did the socially-distanced viewers in the Audience Booths, seen via the Audience Cam. 

As Got Talent fans very well know, a participant’s entrance onto the main stage is just as vital as the audition itself. And Gwilym knocked it out of the park. In his green suit, Gwilym immediately caught fashion mogul; Sarah Zerafa’s eye, she exclaimed “I love it, I love it, good choice!” – they were both wearing a green outfit; Sosa’s favourite colour. 

First impressions aside, Gwilym introduced himself and transported the stage to his own magician’s den. The theme of the sketch was focused on camping – and more specifically about how Gwilym’s girlfriend forced him to go on a trip – he hates camping; but Gwilym’s a nice guy, so he agreed to take on the planning of the trip. 

Gwilym’s girlfriend gave him a shopping list in an envelope to make sure he wouldn’t lose the list. Gwilym gave the envelope to Howard to hold during his audition. While Howard was holding the envelope, the 3 other judges were each invited to choose an item from the shopping list; they chose orange juice, a football and a fish. 

Once the 3 judges decided on their shopping items, Gwilym returned to the shopping list found inside the envelope in Howard’s hands and voilà, the 3 items were written down on the shopping list. What a prediction! But wait there was more…


When Gwilym says he’s going to get the job done, he’s going to get the job done! Not only did the judge’s items appear on the list, Gwilym also had time to shop for the orange juice, fish and football. What? How?

The second part of Gwilym’s act involved a flat folded bag on a table. And in true Mary Poppins style, Gwilym pulled out a bottle of orange juice, a football and a huge fish. A huge round of applause, some encouraging words from the judges resulted from this incredible magic act performed by OMG Magic’s Gwilym Bugeja – and was even awarded 4 Yeses from the Malta’s Got Talent judges. 

As always the OMG reaction that any Gwilym performance would expect!