“How can I recommend  Gwilym…. well… he blew me away. He entertained guests at our wedding, he has been a talking point ever since, funny and clever. One of the highlights of our day 

It’s your big day and you want to make sure everyone is getting along nicely, and since weddings bring about a tonne of different groups of people from either side of the bridal party; you’ll want to make sure there’s something entertaining to engage them. Family members meet for the first time, old friends reconnect and new friends are sometimes formed, now what if you had a suave and hilarious magician to smooth things along, making the connections spark that little bit faster? Wedding Magic Shows were designed to mellow the mood, divert the focus when behind the scenes bits are taking place and draw in different groups of people into the harmony and happiness of the newly wed couple! With a little bit of magic, every wedding venue can shapeshift into an even happier event!

Wedding Magic in MaltaWedding Magician


OMG Magic is all about bringing that unique factor into every event – weddings included! Everyone loves magic, and those who say they don’t, never saw the OMG-creator, Gwilym in action. He’s fun, cheerful and easy to talk to, making him the perfect in-between to welcome two new families and their guests to a wedding event, no matter how big or small the guest list is! An OMG Wedding Magic Show is tailored to the happy couple’s expectations, making sure that this big day is not only the best day of their lives, but also their guests’.


Wedding Magic Shows curated by the notorious OMG are delivered with style, elegance and that cheeky element of pizzazz that makes every crowd feel comfortable, at ease and totally in their zone! Depending on the style of your wedding, Gwilym will write up a script with a set of magic tricks to ensure that your sit-down or standing wedding flows well with the help of his charming humour. This can be a full on Comedy Magic Show or perhaps even a series of Walk Around Magic acts that can be done from table to table or group to group, depending on your arrangement. What to expect you ask: magic tricks that will fill you with wonder, awe and fascination plus laughs, lots of them, some of which will rattle your oldest guests’ eardrums!



Times are changing lovebirds, from DIY weddings to flash mob dances down the aisle, Wedding Magic is totally in and totally necessary… you just never thought about it before. With Wedding Magic at your fingertips, you’ll be able to take a step back and relax, knowing that as your chosen magician, I will be there to make sure your guests are all having a great time. With ice-beakers to set the tone when your family members meet, and your wedding photographer’s help we’ll work together to snap those photos right as the smiles crack in… making memorable moments, one OMG moment at a time!

Of course! No problem at all! Since I write all my own magic tricks and adapt them specifically for your wedding, I will be able to prepare in either English or Maltese, depending on your preferences. Magic has no language, so I’ll make sure all your guests are in on the fun without any language barriers!

With a little bit of magic, everything is possible. Your wish is my command, if it’s magic at your seated wedding you want, it’s magic you’ll get; I can perform Walk Around magic from table to table, making sure each of your guests gets some magical interaction. Alternatively, you can also opt for a closing show that will give your guests something to talk about and remember as one of the highlights of your wedding. 

I sure can! The greatest thing about doing Wedding Magic is staring out at the happy couple, giving them a few laughs to remember for years to come and involving the guests in the magic for added wonder and excitement! My full Comedy Magic Show would be honoured to attend your wedding!

The magic tricks I will be adopting for your special day will not be entirely child-ish, but whenever there’s a young potential magician in my sight I’ll be sure to make every magic trick super child oriented! Alternatively, you can also book a Children’s Magic Show to keep all the kids entertained for a portion of the wedding.

I’ve been in the wedding industry for a while now, making happy couples even happier, putting guests in a great mood and entertaining wedding crowds for over 14 years now!

This very much depends on the number of guests. Finding the right balance can be discussed right away. I’ll happily share my recommendations and discuss the packages I can offer to make your special day all the more magical.