Wedding Magic

“How can I recommend  Gwilym…. well… he blew me away. He entertained guests at our wedding, he has been a talking point ever since, funny and clever. One of the highlights of our day 

Your wedding day is the most magical day of your life, right? So why not up the magic with an OMG Magic highlight? Giving your special day the one-man comedy magic show twist is a sure way to keep your guests entertained – you could even opt for walk-around magic to get the crowd talking. Hey, your guests will even be talking about your wedding for years to come – and that’s what all the wedding planning is really about isn’t it. 

Bring your families together with ice-breaker magic tricks that get them talking, give your different cliques of friends that ‘something in common’ with the OMG reactions prepared for your big day!

And while the laughs and nudges are shared by your guests, your wedding photographer will capture each magical moment – giving you happy memories to look back on as time goes by. 

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