Custom Magic Shows

Custom magic shows and consultancy is all about creating something unique for you whether you want to promote your brand, message, product during a specific event or add some magic to a project you are currently working on. The number one focus is delivering an experience that resonates with the audience, creating an impact and sharing a memory. Whether you want to propose to your loved one in a magical way or a corporate product placement show, there’s always room to add magic and create memorable moments!

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Gwilym’s Custom Acts are all about personalisation. His background and expertise is in marketing, theatre, comedy and magic. This allows him to fully understand what a client is after and deliver the goods to a T. The only difference here is that this T is the most magical T you’ll ever see! His vast experience working with theatre companies, performing during trade shows and collaborating with other creatives gives him all the tools to deliver! All geared up to bring out your brand’s assets with every sleight to hand magic trick taken from his Gwilym-esque book!


Well that’s entirely up to you. All Gwilym needs from you is the angle, the vibe and the overall messaging that you’d like to deliver through your theme and he’ll take care of the rest!

Here some examples of how Gwilym created unique moments for his clients:

  • Unique wedding proposals for the most magical moment,
  • Magic with giveaways during trade shows to promote a brand
  • Connecting audiences to client websites during live magic shows encouraging them to sign up for a newsletter
  • Attracting a crowd during trade shows to increase leads for the company
  • Adding a corporate message to a magic show to highlight key selling points of a product
  • Product launches with a magical twist
  • Creating special effects for multiple stage shows
  • And much, much more! 

What Gwilym guarantees with his tailor-made magic stunts is that it will be the most memorable experience that all those present will remember forever.



The magician’s world is your oyster! It’s kind of a win-win with Custom Magic Acts. You get to showcase your brand, company or product while I get to stir up my creativity by creating a unique and finely polished act with your message or theme as the focus. 

My area of expertise, besides making y’all feel the magic, is marketing. In every project I oversea I make sure to sprinkle that little bit of magic into the campaign, splash a few puns into the mix and make sure that through sleight of hand and timed humour, every brand I work with is taken not only at face value but also delves a little deeper into the philosophy and energy that goes into making the brand, company or product absolutely unique!

All I’d need to deliver the right vibe in connection to your brand is for you to transfer your love and passion for the company to yours truly while letting me know what you would like to achieve! Add in a few company props, an employee’s business card perhaps and a few inside jokes from the office, and leave the rest to me.

Yeppers! Consultancy is one of my favourite parts of the gig, mostly because I get to brainstorm with other creatives, bouncing off ideas to create the most magical of results. Working in TV means extra planning, but with OMG you know you’re always going to get that extra push; I am a perfectionist after all.

Correction: at OMG we do not use ‘fairy dust’, but an A-grade sprinkling of freshly harvested magic that takes you straight to fascination town! But yes, I can sprinkle some magic onto your special effects used for theatre acts, TV shows, productions and any other curtain calls you can think of, just give me a shout!

Hmmm… a cheeky question, but yes, yes we can! Warning: they will return from their magic-infused limbo when the show is over though!