Biography – OMG Magic Malta – Gwilym Bugeja

Gwilym Bugeja was born on 7th June 1996 and he is a magician based in Malta and the brains behind OMG Magic. He is also a member of the world’s biggest magic organization the International Brotherhood of Magicians.

His father was the first person to show & teach him a magic trick at the age of 6. He used to show this card trick to everybody that would watch. Later on, at around the age of 12, he wanted to learn more. So by doing some research online he was able to find beginner tutorials to help him start learning. From that point onward he never looked back.

After spending a couple of months learning magic tricks online, he contacted the man that he used to watch perform on television when he was young – Vanni Pule’. Gwilym had sent him an e-mail and eagerly waited for his reply while wondering if he will ever do so. After some time, he received a reply with an invite to go to Vanni’s home for his first magic session. Since then Gwilym Bugeja has remained a student of Vanni Pule’.

His early years consisted of practising and performing simple magic tricks for his family and friends. In 2011 he did his first public performance during a talent show that was being held at the youth centre he used to hang out at. As he walked out on stage in front of 300 of his peers Gwilym was welcomed with great applause and ended the act with an even bigger one. That feeling of when you share something you love with an audience and giving them the feeling of wonder, made Gwilym want to do more.

Eager to perform more he started working on a show dedicated to children, this was the first step to what later became his Comedy Children Magic Show. While performing his children’s magic show all around Malta he kept working on new material, ideas and sleight of hand as well as understanding the work that goes behind comedy, showmanship & theatre.

Soon after he started performing Close Up Magic for corporate events & staff parties, working during Weddings to add magic moments during a couple’s special day while performing his Comedy Magic Show during burlesque, cabaret and private events, eventually even taking his show abroad. He soon started being known as the leading Comedy Magician in Malta.

Through his years of experience, he eventually ventured onto creating his very own brand – OMG Magic. Gwilym possesses the right traits and qualities to be a magician. Not only is he talented, but he is also witty, charismatic, funny and always puts his best foot forward anytime he is performing.

Throughout the years, Gwilym has managed to build up a most impressive repertoire and has performed for some of the biggest and most prestigious companies & events. To name a few, these include: AX Holdings, Bla Kondixin, BMIT, Science in the City, Notte Bianca, Comedy Nights, Adult Panto, Burlesque Shows and various iGaming companies.

Gwilym Bugeja Maltese Magician Malta