Adult Comedy Magic Show

“He kept us laughing throughout the show without a single dull moment.”

Adult Comedy Magic is a mix between the wit and humour of a stand up comedian paired with the sleight-of-hand and wow-factor of a magician – all wrapped up in a magical show packed with adult-grade innuendos, jokes and a whole lot of those magical OMG moments.

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Gwilym is a trained magician with a passion for making people laugh. His stage presence and go-get-em attitude gives him the winning edge, leaving his pride and inhibitions at the door, focusing solely on the audience’s appreciation of the magic being performed, the show presented and the comedic journey that his magic, script and impromptu shenanigans take you on. His smooth transition from one magic trick to another is easily achieved with his cunning chat and clever tempo. 

Comedy & Magic In Malta - Maltease 2022


If you’re asthmatic, pack your inhaler, you’re going to be gasping for air in between each gasp for air that you take in between magic tricks! Gwilym gears up each magic trick and knee-slapping joke for his staple OMG moments. Adult Comedy shows will get the prudiest of prudes to chuckle away silently and the raunchy crowds to cackle like there’s no one in the room; with every magic trick making you wonder, “How did Gwilym do that?”



Comedy Magic is all about that sleight of hand captivating your attention, drawing you in with intrigue while lightening things up with a few classic chuckles and puns during the performance. Watch closely as the great Gwilym performs another of his uncrackable magic tricks before your very eyes.

My shows range somewhere between 30 minutes or 45 minutes. There’s no limit on how long I can produce my shows for though, if you want to organise a longer show, simply let me know what you’re after and we’ll organise the perfect show for your next event.

Sure thing! My Adult Comedy Magic shows require the participation of the audience at times, so whether it’s a volunteer or a victim, make sure you’re presentable and ready to be part of the fun.

*rubs hands in mischief* – sure! If you want to subject…  I mean… choose your friend, family member or even your boss (muhahaha) to the thrills and excitement of an original OMG Adult Comedy Magic show you sure can! It’s also a cheeky way of diverting the spotlight away from you, you clever thing, you!

The OMG Adult Comedy Magic Show is a great option for small intimate parties and larger scale events that need some added magic! Give us a call if you’re hosting a small wedding, a company event, a family gathering, a friend’s hen or stag night… whatever you think needs a witty naughty source of entertainment.

As they say, size does not matter, it’s all about audience participation. From 2 to 3,000+, the mighty Gwilym will keep you wondering in sheer fascination as he performs another trick and rattles your brain with the wonders of magic!

Hah, well first of all, I’m sure your ‘mature’ teens will cringe at their guardians’ ROFL to the innuendos I throw out there throughout the night! And if you’re hoping to preserve your younguns innocence for a few more years, I think you’d much prefer a Family Show, or maybe even a Kids’ Show. This show is solely intended for audiences 18+.  

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