OMG Magic Shows And Services

Adult Comedy Magic Show

Warning: OMG Adult Comedy Magic is contagious; during the show, you may experience uncontrollable laughter, loss of breath due to serious LOL moments, sporadic bursts of laughter-induced tears and in rare circumstances snorting may be experienced. 

The Adult Comedy Magic shows written and performed by Gwilym offer a unique experience filled with jokes, gags, double entendre and the punniest puns you can imagine. With his combination of stand-up comedy and magic, Gwilym composes each sketch to meet his audience’s taste, age bracket and even business sector. 


Comedy Children’s Magic Show

Children love magic – and with Gwilym entertaining at your child’s party, you’re guaranteed that all the little ones, and not so little ones, will be laughing and chuckling throughout the entire performance.

Gwilym’s background in theatre helps him set the stage for his younger audience, be it a birthday party or a special production; the Comedy Kids Show is one to get those tiny smiles a-grinin’.

Written with a silly, fun and magical experience in mind – every show is unique and full of kiddie giggles. Give Gwilym the challenge to pull the rabbit out the hat* and he will bring the jokes with his audience-centred show!

*No animals were harmed in the making of this content. OMG Magic is a one-man show, no animals make an appearance during the performance.


Wedding Magic

Your wedding day is the most magical day of your life, right? So why not up the magic with an OMG Magic highlight? Giving your special day the one-man comedy magic show twist is a sure way to keep your guests entertained – you could even opt for walk-around magic to get the crowd talking. Hey, your guests will even be talking about your wedding for years to come – and that’s what all the wedding planning is really about isn’t it. 

Bring your families together with ice-breaker magic tricks that get them talking, give your different cliques of friends that ‘something in common’ with the OMG reactions prepared for your big day!

And while the laughs and nudges are shared by your guests, your wedding photographer will capture each magical moment – giving you happy memories to look back on as time goes by. 

Looking for the perfect wedding?


Close Up And Walk Around Magic

The beauty of close-up magic is that you can attempt to break the code, catch the gimmick and learn the trick as the magician mingles with the crowd. Eqq… wrong answer. The beauty of close-up magic is that you are part of the illusion, you become part of the trick and it rattles in your brain because let’s face it, there’s no way you’re going to catch the OMG-creator, Gwilym.. he’s one is a smooth operator. 

Give your staff get-togethers, cocktail parties, stand-up receptions, gala dinners, corporate events and festive activities a touch of magic with an OMG Magic appearance. Gwilym’s Walk Around Magic shows deliver short and sweet illusions that give your guests something exciting to talk about. 

Want to get in on the magic? Click below and *poof* it’s yours.


Corporate Magic

A company event is very important both for your employees and for attracting potential clients. Adding magic to your next event can be just what you need to make your events memorable and unique.

Magic can be ideal for your:

  • Staff Party
  • Awards Night
  • Conference
  • Trade Show
  • Product launches
  • And more


Custom Magic Shows

A magic show is like a deck of cards; you don’t really know what cards to deal with until you’ve chosen the game – just like you don’t really know what sketch to write until you know who you’re writing it for. OMG Magic creates original sketches for:

  • Tailor Made Shows
  • Themed Show
  • Consultancy
  • TV
  • Social Media
  • Adverts
  • Special FX
  • Product Placement

Gwilym’s expertise in magic, paired with his top-grade marketing skills gives every show a bespoke feel that will connect with the right audience at the right time. His magic power: finding those golden nuggets of humour, illusion and anticipation while working the crowd for the coveted OMG reaction. Each show can be written in English or Maltese and incorporates your brand in every effect.

So whether you’re looking to use your company products as the main focus of a magic trick during your next event, or hoping to work promote your product or service during the next trade show you will be participating in; give Gwilym a shout to discuss your idea with him.