Close Up And Walk Around Magic

“A few days after the event and people are still talking about his performance.”

Whenever you’re planning an event, you want to make sure that your guests are 100% engaged for as long as possible! With Gwilym’s Walk Around Magic mini-acts, you can rest assured that your guests will never want to leave, hoping to watch the great Gwilym pull another trick out his sleeve! Walk Around Magic is all about breaking the ice with clever and eye-catching acts that make you look back and wonder what the crowd behind you is gasping at – the perfect addition to an important event, conference or trade show.

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Gwilym’s Walk Around Magic is delivered at events to bring about that ooh ahh effect! With Gwilym’s ninja-like techniques of popping in and out of your group’s conversation, you’ll never be stuck for what to say or how to mingle with your peers. Saved by the Gwilym will be your instant thought, relieving you from that awkward conversation or those blank stares that sometimes happen in big crowds at a formal event. With Gwilym’s magical expertise, memorable moments will be created, allowing you to connect with other guests or attendees and give you an experience that you’ll never forget!


During his Walk Around Magic, Gwilym will be the catalyst that breaks the silence, adds some fun to an otherwise drab conversation and adds in extra cheer when the group chat is already buzzing. With magic tricks taking place right before your very eyes or in the palm of your hands, OMG reactions are just around the corner! Gwilym’s charismatic approach to magic and comedy comes in handy when the life of the party is otherwise absent. He also pumps up the fun and feeds off the crowd’s energy when there’s not much chuckling happening in a group of people!



Walk Around Magic is the most versatile of them all. There’s literally no event that I can’t slip into and make that much more enjoyable. From weddings and family events, parties and hen or stag nights, trade shows and corporate events and any other form of gathering where the crowds flock.

Yes, of course, you can. No matter the event, Gwilym prepared a tailor-made magic performance to engage your guests, colleagues or associates. Making sure that all conversations and interactions with Gwilym are memorable and that the magic is flowing throughout the conference hall, trade fair, event room or any other space waiting for a touch of magic.

That’s easy. I’m only small so you’ll hardly notice me unless I want to capture your attention with a mind-boggling card trick, a funny joke or a sleight-of-hand magic act that will boost your guests’ entertainment factor! With OMG Walk Around Magic, you can expect to heighten your wedding with earth-shattering ice-breakers to make sure both sides of the family are mingling. Creating memorable moments that with the help of your wedding photographer will capture the most genuine photo ops only Gwilym can encourage! Get a bigger photo album folks, you’re going to have so many smiles and laughs to add to your wedding photos.

Why yes, of course! Before the booking is confirmed we will sit together and talk about what you want and expect from the show. The things you’d agree for me to perform during my time at the event and the elements you may wish me to avoid. I’m as versatile as they get, every closed door leads to an open window. We’ll find a way to make your event as memorable as possible.

Apart from my humour, I will also bring along a few props to fit into my sleek and sophisticated attire. No one will expect me to drill in the laughs, but with my sleight-of-hand performances, magic with cards, Rubik’s cube, money, phones and other props along with my ability to read a crowd and deliver the right comedy, laughs and magic all round are guaranteed. No grouch is a big enough challenge for the mighty Gwilym!