MalTease 2021 – Burlesque Dancers, Singers, Comedians and Magicians in Malta

After three successful editions of MalTease, the fourth one is just around the corner. After well over a year without any form of live entertainment, MalTease aims at providing all those attending a fun evening whilst ensuring that all the proper precautions are to be taken to guarantee the safety of both the audience and the performers.

What to expect? 

MalTease is a Variety and Burlesque project inspired by the pulsating atmosphere of Valletta’s main artery of entertainment – Strada Stretta.

 This exciting event is back for its fourth edition with even more excitement. The performance revolves around acts, loosely tied in by a story that will take you on a journey through time, bringing back Malta’s cabaret heyday.

The team is committed to continue with their efforts in showcasing the diversity and versatility of the art of Burlesque which consists of not only burlesque dance but also comedy, song, multidisciplinary skills, a world of satyr, glitter, bawdy jokes, contagious confidence, fun and feathers. They are also dedicated to giving all those wanting to perform a platform that is inclusive for all body types, colour, LGBTIQA+, any age and genders. Local performers are to be joined by artists from around the world to create the exciting show that is to be the fourth edition of Malta’s biggest Burlesque show. Apart from burlesque one will also be able to enjoy a variety of other performances such as Comedy, Live Singing and, of course, Magic.

The Team

The team comprises a variety of professional performers from Malta, Slovakia, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

Burlesque Performers

Undine LaVerve (Malta)

Undine LaVerve – The Sinsational Siren of The Mediterranean, also known as Malta’s Burlesque Queen. Undine has over 10 years of performance experience both locally and internationally, is Malta’s Burlesque pioneer, and is also the headmistress of BAM – Burlesque Academy of Malta. Apart from being such a talented performer, Undine LaVerve is the brains behind this whole production.

Lotta Love (Slovakia)

Blending visual delicacies of vamp, sass and dance Ms Lotta Love is the intoxicatingly sultry showgirl that will surely make your blood pulsate through your veins. 

Lilly Mortis (Germany)

Lilly Mortis is a performer that combines the glamour of Weimar Berlin with twisted expressionist aesthetics in lavish costumes and avant-garde narratives to provide the audience with a surreal experience.

Kain Soma (UK)

Bringing Boylesque to Malta this year is Kain Soma. Kain will be presenting acts that display acrobatics, feats of strength and above all, burlesque. 

Bella Stardust (Malta)

One of the talented students of Undine LaVerve and BAM. Bella will be sharing an act that is not only well-choreographed but also presents a very strong message within it.

BAM – Burlesque Academy of Malta

In addition to acting as stagehands (or rather, stage kittens), the brilliant students of BAM will be joining the show by performing in a group act.

Variety Acts

Larissa – Singer (Malta)

A resident performer for MalTease, with an enchanting voice. Larissa will be entertaining all those present with wonderful classics of Jazz Music. 

Henk Wolswijk – Singer (Malta)

Another resident performer of the show will be entertaining all attending with fun sing-a-longs and romantic songs.

Colin Fitz – MC (Malta)

Having hosted some of Malta’s largest events, such as the Malta Song For Europe, and being a regular radio host on Campus FM 103.7, Colin Fitz will be the one guiding the audience through this journey with quirky humour and interesting facts throughout the entirety of the show.

Gwilym Bugeja – Comedy Magician (Malta)

The resident magician for the Burlesque scene in Malta, Malta’s Comedy Magician Gwilym will be presenting to all those present two amazing new acts that have been in development during the lockdown. As always, one is to expect OMG moments mixed with witty and silly jokes that will surely leave the audience amazed and laughing out loud, both at the same time!

Show Details

So you want to come and enjoy the show? Well, this year instead of doing three shows as done before, this year MalTease will have 5 shows!

Dates & Time

Friday 23rd July 2021, 8pm

Saturday 24th July 2021, 6pm and 9pm

Sunday 25th July 2021, 6pm and 9pm


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