Magician In Malta Becomes An Official Member of The Magic Circle

Magician In Malta Becomes An Official Member of The Magic Circle

As the title says, this week Gwilym Bugeja from OMG Magic becomes an official member of The Magic Circle in London.

What is The Magic Circle?

The Magic Circle is the most famous magic society in the world, which was founded in 1905 with the sole purpose of promoting and advancing the art of magic. Each member has to prove their skill to gain entry to this prestigious club.

Today The Magic Circle has over 1500 members worldwide including top magicians like David Copperfield, Dynamo, Jamie Raven, Richard Jones & Magical Bones from Britain’s Got Talent. The list also includes other famous people like the Prince of Wales, Stephen Fry and many more!

The Magic Circle Logo

Why is this exciting for OMG Magic & Gwilym Bugeja?

Becoming a member of The Magic Circle has been one of the goals that Gwilym Bugeja has put for himself and to have the ability to share magic ideas and knowledge with other members from all around the world.

Another exciting reason is the fact that the society is very exclusive and includes a lengthy process to become a recognised member and becoming a member provides OMG Magic & Gwilym Bugeja with another stamp of quality that he works hard to maintain during every show and performance that he does.

So, What’s Next?

Well… more shows, more projects and a lot more exciting news coming up very soon, so make sure to follow Gwilym by clicking on the social media links below:


And if you want to see what Gwilym did to become a member of The Magic Circle, make sure to get in touch when planning your next event!