Learn Easy Magic Tricks Today

You are a couple of minutes away from learning secrets that will impress your friends and family the next time you see them. With these secrets, you will have the ability to break the ice at a party, entertain your kids or nephews, impress your in-laws, or just want to learn a new art form.

These magic tricks are taught to you by Gwilym Bugeja, an expert magician, the person behind OMG Magic and the leading comedy magician in Malta. The tricks taught all use items that can easily be found around the house and require very little skill.

Before we get started on your journey to start getting OMG reactions for yourselves, first you need to learn the basics of what makes a great magician.

  1. Never reveal the secretNo matter how much your audience begs, never reveal the secret, this will take away the moment of magic from your spectator and instead of magic, they will only see it as a puzzle. You might ask me “Gwilym, why are you revealing these magic secrets then?” The reason I am sharing these secrets because they are on a page on my website where people like you are interested in learning as opposed to when a spectator asks you to reveal the secret they are just amazed and want to know how it’s done.
  2. PractiseIt is important that you practise your tricks before you perform them, no matter how easy they may seem. The more you practise the more confident you will be and the stronger the effect. this will also reduce the chance of getting caught.
  3. Don’t do the same trick twiceNever show the same trick twice to the same people. The first time you show it to them they are surprised as they do not know what to expect but the second time they will pay more attention and try to figure out how it’s done.
  4. Have fun!Be yourself and enjoy the moment, if you are having fun performing so will your audience. There is nothing more amazing than performing magic and seeing people react in amazement to what you showed them.

Vanishing Coin

Jumping Rubber Band

Feel free to get in touch with me with any questions you might have or to share with me a video of you performing the tricks taught above.